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Redefining Cute

When someone tells me that dogs are cute, I always imagine puppies. I have always associated puppies with cuteness. Their smallness and baby-like attitude never fail to make an “aww!” escape from my lips.

Of course, there are also adult dogs that I find cute. My general rule of thumb though, is that they should be small just like puppies. Lucky for me, such kinds of dogs exist and they are called miniature dogs.

I’ve always been interested in miniature dog breeds. This is because if my dog grows up, it will of course get bigger in size. However, miniature dog breeds stay puppy-like (size-wise) through the years.

There are lots of miniature pooches. However, miniature dachshund puppies are the cutest. At most, they grow up to be 7 inches tall!

What makes them cute is that despite their short stature, they still have that long back. It might just be me, but the length of their backs seems to be more prominent since their small stature makes their necks and leg shorter.

Colloquially, dachshunds are nicknamed as hotdogs or wieners. As a miniature breed, I can literally put them in a piece of bun and they will be a perfect fit! It’s a whole new way of taking the term “hotdog” literally.

The only difficulty I might face when getting a miniature pet is that I have to pay close attention to it. Due to its size, it will be prone to enter small spaces in the house and get stuck. There is also the possibility of not seeing them at once and accidentally hurting them.

Even though miniature dog breeds are cute, I think they require a lot more responsibility just because of their size. They might also have special needs that might be a hassle for some. Regardless, I still think that it’s worth it to get a miniature breed – just for the reason that they are cute!