The Affenpinscher

The name of this uncommon dog breed means “ape-like” in German. It is one of the oldest dog breeds that appeared in Central Europe. It was mainly kept in stalls and stables in order to hunt rats. Further dilution followed the path of reducing the size of the dog and they were kept at homes for catching mice.

There is no clear opinion about the ancestors of this breed. Some think it was derived from the Brussels griffon, and some consider its origin to be the Miniature Schnauzer. This breed was introduced at an exhibition in Berlin in 1896. Before it was particularly popular in the east and south of Germany and Austria.

Powerfully built Affenpinscher is relatively small in size, and actually looks like a monkey with prominent chin, a mustache and a beard, bushy eyebrows and attentive eyes. The height of the dog is around 23 – 29 cm. While 26 cm is considered ideal. The weight is around 3-5 kg.

This energetic and playful dog is usually very curious. But encountered with a threat or attack behaves fearlessly. They quickly learn and prefer to be in the spotlight. Gets along well with dogs of other breeds, but is afraid of cats.

Affenpinscher can be kept both in a city apartment and a country house. It is necessary to make sure that courtyard is surrounded with a tall fence, as these dogs are good climbers and are able to jump over half a meter fence. This is a very active dog and it needs constant attention. Always keep it on a leash outside as it will strive to attack anyone, regardless of their size.

It can easily take a walk of ten miles and it needs constant exercise. Its main problem is the disease of the musculoskeletal system – limb injuries or joint sprains. Life expectancy is 11 years old, as they grow up rather late – up to two years. To prolong the life of your pet, you need to keep an eye on its weight, and black dogs should be protected from direct sunlight.

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